Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TV Meme: Day 30 - Saddest Character Death

Well, the final day of this TV Meme is here. It has been pretty difficult on some days, but also pretty fun to think back on shows I have watched. Unfortunately, my memory for older shows seems to have faded. I am sure a lot of these days could have been different if I could remember more of the television I have watched throughout my life - that being said I am happy with my decisions.

So, here we are. The saddest character death.

And, honestly, I pretty much knew from the start that eventually this character was going to die. However, the way he was taken out was just downright wrong - but knowing the character, probably the only way he could have been taken out.

The saddest character death for me is Omar Little (Michael K. Williams) from HBO's The Wire.

Omar was an amazing character - who didn't really have a side in a show that was basically all about sides.

Omar was a thief, but he robbed almost entirely from drug dealers. And, he was such a bad ass that the words "Omar's coming" would ring through the neighborhood as he walked up - whistling his tune. It got to the point that he really didn't even have to do much - just showed up and was given something, either drugs or money.

But, Omar was also a well-rounded character. He is in love with a man who is killed by Avon Barksdale's (Wood Harris) crew, because Omar and him robbed them. In order to get him back he becomes an informer to Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West) and Bunk Moreland (Wendell Peirce).

Through five seasons you really got to know Omar and he became, quite possibly, the best character on a show full of great characters.

He was smart and always one step ahead of everyone, which is why the way that he died is probably the only way he could have. Heading into a convenience store, Omar gets shot in the head by Kenard (Thuliso Dingwall), a young member of Marlo Stanfield's (Jamie Hector) organization (probably between 8 and 12 years old). Omar felt no threat from Kenard, which is why he got the drop on him.

It was horrible the way he went out, shot in the back of the head. This was Omar - a warrior. As a fan I was hoping he would have went out in a blaze of glory or something. Although it made sense, to me this was one of the saddest character deaths.


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