Friday, July 2, 2010

TV Meme: Day 19 - Best TV Show Cast

Wow. I have been back and forth on this one for a little while now. In the end I think I decided to go with the one that I did because the show is still on and is still just getting started, but already there is so much chemistry between the characters.

At first, my gut instinct had me selecting Scrubs as the best television cast. I mean, for eight seasons they delivered the laughs and the relationships between each and every character just seemed so genuine. That is something so hard to do. But, the cast was actually very close friends off of the set, and it clearly showed on the show.

That being said, I have (and will) be using Scrubs in a great many posts for this meme. Which is pretty obvious seeing as how it is my favorite show. So, I decided to select the show that is, I guess, currently becoming my favorite show - Community.

I seriously hope this show doesn't have a sophomore slump because I am really speaking so highly of it, but only after one season.

As I have said in previous posts the cast shakes down like this. Joel McHale stars as Jeff Winger, a lawyer who gets found out for having a fake degree and must return to community college to get his old life back. Gillian Jacobs is Britta Perry, a love interest for Jeff who is also a large feminist and activist - she has also been called the downer of he group. Danny Pudi plays Abed Nadir, a film student who converses through his knowledge of movies, mostly from the 80's. Donald Glover is Troy Barnes, a former star quarterback who loses his scholarship when he gets hurt tossing a keg. Alison Brie stars as Annie Edison, a brilliant girl who blossomed late in life, or after she overdosed on drugs and had to leave high school. Chevy Chase plays Pierce Hawthorne, the inventor of Hawthorne wipes. Finally, Yvette Nicole Brown plays Shirley Bennett, a mother of two who is freshly divorced and heads to college for the first time.

Also on the show in a smaller role are Jim Rash as Dean Pelton and Ken Jeong as Senor Chang - with John Oliver as Professor Ian Duncan also lending a hand in a handful of episodes.

It's truly amazing just how quickly the cast gelled together. The best scenes, much like Friends at Central Perk, are when the cast is alone in the study room. Without even saying words, but gestures at the table and sly looks they can have you rolling on the floor. But, the dialogue is just as great as the gestures - and the characters have blossomed there as well. Each character has found their niche and they slide together perfectly.

The best character interactions come between Troy and Abed. They have truly developed amazing chemistry together - they remind me a lot of J.D. and Turk (except neither of them is truly the star of the show). I have embedded their Spanish rap below - check it out. If you do watch the show, make sure to stick around for the credits - they usually do something off the wall crazy like this.

I urge you if you have not checked out this show yet and you like comedies (especially a show like Scrubs) then check this one out. Don't just watch a single episode because it might not show you everything you need to see - watch a few and you won't regret it.

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