Monday, July 5, 2010

TV Meme: Day 21 - Favorite Relationship

My apologies for this running a day late - 4th of July yesterday sort of ruined my computer time (in a good way).

Anyway, back to the meme. Today is favorite relationship - Mrs. Kano has gotten on me about the amount of Scrubs and Community love I have been giving on this meme. And she is right.

However, I absolutely must stick with my all-time favorite show on this category. My favorite television relationship is Turk (Donald Faison) and J.D. (Zach Braff) on Scrubs.

Their relationship is so great and so strong that nothing can truly come between it. They have been friends since college and remained tight through medical school - and that continued as both received jobs at Sacred Heart.

Even when it appeared that they could be drifting apart, like when Turk got close to, and eventually married Carla (Judy Reyes). Sure, their time together may have suffered, but they always remained close.

The running joke was that they were an old, married couple. And, they even got in on the act most of the time. They even sang a song called "Guy Love" in the musical episode professing their platonic love for each other.

Anyway, I have looked over the rest of these meme categories and I believe that this is my last official day consisting of Scrubs, but when I saw this category the only relationship that jumped out at me was this one. It is so strong of a relationship that even Carla realizes that Turk just may love J.D. more than her. J.D. tells her that Turk loves them both the same.


  1. I loved the Scrubs musical episode... and "Guy Love" was one of its many highlights.

  2. I always worry when shows pull the musical episodes out because they can go either way.

    However, I feel Scrubs really pulled it off and in a cool way.