Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HOT: Every Time We Say Goodbye

As you can tell by me actually doing a Hanks-O-Thon, I am a pretty huge Tom Hanks fan. He is my favorite actor of all time.

So, it is pretty odd when researching Hanks' films that I find some never even heard of.

Every Time We Say Goodbye is one of those films. Hanks stars as David Bradley an American pilot that joins World War II fighting for the Royal Air Force before the United States entered the war.

Bradley's plane gets shot down and he is sent to Jerusalem to recover from his injuries.

While there he meets Sarah Perrara (Christina Marsillach) a Jewish girl of Spanish descent when he is dragged to a party by his friend.

They immediately hit it off, but she pulls back because Bradly does not come from a Jewish background. She feels that it would be frowned upon in her community and more importantly her family.

Even though they separate, they continue to run into each other in the small town - and eventually give into their temptation. But will it be able to last once her family discovers it?

The film, like so many, reminded me a bit of Romeo & Juliet. It's under different circumstances, but ultimately it is two people who are in love that cannot be together for reasons outside of their control.

Was the movie good? It was okay. Hanks was great and even Marsillach, who hasn't been in a ton of movies, was good as well.

I know the movie was made in the '80s and it was a movie about the '40s, but it felt even more dated to me - just the look of it.

Overall it was good for a one-time watch, but unlike most of Hanks' films I probably on't be rewatching this one any time soon.


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