Friday, April 6, 2012

HOT: Turner & Hooch

This is one of those fringe movies on my Tom Hanks list. It isn't an amazing film, but there is something about it that always seems to draw me in.

Anyway, Hanks stars as Det. Scott Turner in Turner & Hooch. Turner is very obsessive compulsive and the small town that he is working in just isn't exciting enough for him as a detective. So, he is about to head out to Sacramento or a bigger city with higher profile crimes.

Before he heads out, Turner is training and showing around his replacement, Det. David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson).

One stop the pair makes is a boat house where Amos Reed (John McIntire) lives. Reed is an older man who enjoys complaining about odd things in the area. Reed also has a dog named Hooch, who is dirty and lacks discipline.

One night something happens in the factory across the street and a man is killed. The noise sets Hooch off barking and Amos turns on his light. Thinking he may have seen something, the men head over to see Amos and end up murdering him.

Turner takes the case and is forced to also take Hooch as a house guest as he is the lone witness in the murder. The mixing of two different personalities is nothing knew, but these two play so well with each other even if one was a dog. Having a crazed, untrained dog in an apartment of an OCD detective is pretty fun to watch.

As I said before the movie is not amazing, but the give-and-take between the dog and Hanks is very fun. This is not exactly an interaction with a volleyball, but it is a small step for Hanks into being able to do that in his acting future.


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