Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HOT: Splash

Here we have the first teaming of what will eventually become many between Tom Hanks the actor and Ron Howard the director.

I remember really enjoying this film when I was younger, probably the first film where I started to like Tom Hanks.

Anyway, Splash stars Hanks as Allen Bauer. We first meet Allen on a ferry boat as a young child. He sees something in the water and decides to jump in despite not knowing how to swim. It is here that he meets a young Madison, who keeps him safe until he is saved.

Cut to years later and Allen is in charge of his family's produce business, along with his older brother, Freddie (John Candy). Freddie, however, is more into living than working, so most if not all of the business decisions are thrust upon Allen - add that to fact that his girlfriend has just left him and Allen is about to have a minor breakdown.

With that he decides to take an unplanned trip to Cape Cod, where he first met Madison (even though he thinks she might have been a figment of his imagination).

Allen rents a boat to take him across and we learn that he still has not learned how to swim. Of course, he falls out of the boat and gets hit in the head by the boat. Madison (Daryl Hannah) rescues him yet again.

During her rescue, Allen drops his wallet and Madison gets it off the ocean floor - oh, and Madison just so happens to be a mermaid.

She uses his licence to get his address and tracks him down. Despite not knowing how to speak, Allen takes her in and immediately begins to fall in love with her. She does learn English, however, by watching television and the love affair between Allen and Madison begin. She is, however, keeping this one major secret from him.

Meanwhile, Walter Kornbluth (Eugene Levy) is trying to track down Madison to prove that mermaids exist. He saw her on an ocean excursion, but dropped his camera before he could get a picture - now it is his one goal to show he is not crazy and expose Madison for the mermaid she is.

Will Kornbluth expose her? Will this be a deal breaker for Allen? Will Madison be able to last outside of the ocean for so long?

I have to admit, Splash was a pleasant surprise - I hadn't seen it in a long time, but I still enjoyed it. Maybe not as much as I enjoyed it when I was younger, but honestly it still held up for me.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Hanks and Hannah - plus the trio of Hanks, Candy and Levy were great together.


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