Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 10/29/13

Monsters University: Each year for many years in a row Pixar has released a film, and it is pretty much appointment viewing for me and my family. So, of course this one was on my list to see this summer. Review is here. I definitely look forward to seeing it again.

R.I.P.D.: This took some hits from the critics - it looks a lot like Men in Black which I happen to really like. So, of course I will give this one a try. I try my hardest not to listen to critics - or even what the public says - I like to my my own decisions. Perhaps this might be decent - at least to me.

Byzantium: Wow, even with just three movies releasing this week they still manage to sneak in a 'horror'-type flick. Honestly, for the week of Halloween I was expecting a ton more

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 10/22/13

Conjuring: This apparently got some pretty good reviews and a lot of people enjoyed it. I, on the other hand, will not be checking it out.

Internship: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are together again. There last comedy project together (as the two main stars) was a major hit in Wedding Crashers. But, this one seemed to fizzle at the box office. Doesn't mean I won't give it a try.

Way, Way Back: Kid goes on a summer vacation with his mother, his mother's asshole boyfriend and the boyfriend's daughter - and doesn't really fit in with them. So, he finds a new friend in a manager of a water park. Looks like it might be pretty good - I will look at it.

Before Midnight: I have heard some good things about this trilogy, but I have yet to see any of the films in it - and I don't think I will rush to check them out either, maybe at some point. For now, no point in seeing this one without the others.

Only God Forgives: Ryan Gosling is a drug-smuggler in Bangkok - and after his brother's death, his mother pleads with him to track down who did it and return the favor. Gosling has done some good work as of late, I think I will give it a try.

I Give It a Year: A couple that are complete opposites find love and are completely happy - and they get married. Their friends and family don't think the marriage will last - and as the one-year anniversary approaches, the couple faces temptations. Might be worth a look.

As Cool As I Am: A young girl, whose parents had her when they were teenagers, begins to believe that their marriage isn't as solid as she believed. Not really sure I will look into this one.

Dead in Tombstone: Anything with Danny Trejo has to be good, right? This one reminds me of a television movie I once saw called Purgatory. I probably liked that one more - perhaps I will see this at some point, just not right now.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 10/15/13

The Heat: When the two films starring Melissa McCarthy came out, I thought Identity Thief looked like the better film. I honestly thought The Heat looked like a bomb. But, it appears I might have been wrong - guess I will have to check it out.

Pacific Rim: Looks pretty awesome. Definitely looking forward to finally checking this one out.

Plush: A married singer gets involved with her new guitarist. Of course, he has a dark past and she now may be in danger. I will be skipping this one.

Black Dahlia Haunting: A woman is investigating the murder of her father by her blind brother. And soon 'The Black Dahlia' - also known as Elizabeth Short is awakened. And, it stars a Ghost Hunter. Definitely missing it.

Colony:  A group is forced underground due to the next ice age, but apparently there is something underground even more dangerous. Never heard of it, but this actually looks somewhat intriguing. Might check it out down the line.

Friday, October 11, 2013

"The Quarterback"

I haven't been a fan of Glee for very long. I wrote about this awhile ago, but ever since I caught up I have been hooked.

Tonight, Glee said goodbye to possibly my favorite character. In fact, Finn Hudson may in fact be one of the main reasons I got into the show to begin with.

I had never heard of Cory Monteith before - in fact as I watched I still had no idea who he was. But, the character Finn I could really relate to. Especially as he began to question just what he was going to do after high school.

He was good at a lot of things, but out of those things what could he use them for in life?

Monteith's voice wasn't amazing, but I liked it. He was also apparently pretty good at drums - and the way he portrayed Finn, you can tell he was a pretty talented actor. Really just finding his way - and the role of Finn might have really opened things up for him.

I watch a lot of television, movies, sports and listen to a lot of music. So, I am familiar with a lot of celebrities. But, I don't think there are many out there that I would be really taken aback by their death.

Tom Hanks is my favorite actor of all time - so when his time comes I will most likely be upset. However, when I first heard of Monteith's death it really shook me. A lot more than I was expecting.

I know a lot of people suffer from addictions - and I have read a ton of comments on sites saying he didn't really deserve all of these special moments because of the way he went - but, however you think, a young, talented man died and I feel his work deserved some praise.

Tonight, the show that made him a star finally had to say goodbye. And, it was heartfelt - and sad to see. But, it was needed. I feel for the cast as they went through this, but it also must have been cathartic. Though the show never stated how Finn passed away - there were many things throughout the show that mirrored the character Finn to Cory.

It was hard to get through, but it was also good to look back.

I will miss Finn - and although I don't think Cory would have become a huge movie star, I will definitely miss being able to see what his career could have been.

R.I.P. Cory Monteith. Gone far too young.

Tuesday's (Friday's) With Movies: 10/8/13

I am getting bad at getting these out on time. I blame it on the lack of sleep.

The Hangover Part III: The epic conclusion to the runaway hit The Hangover. I have heard some horrific things about this, but I always do my best to not let what other's think affect me when I watch films. And, since I have seen the other two - might as well wrap it up.

The Purge: Pretty strange idea - apparently society now allows a 12-hour period where you can do anything and everything you want without getting in trouble. It's sort of a release for criminals in an exchange for the rest of the time everyone can feel safe. Not sure I'd be into this one, maybe down the road.

After Earth: Curiosity definitely has gotten the better of me. I definitely want to check it out, just to see how bad it is, or to see that people's opinions were altered due to all the media. I guess we shall see in time.

Much Ado About Nothing: I would love to get into this. Joss Whedon and Agent Coulson team-up again - but for a modern-day telling of  the Shakespeare story. And, it's in black and white - not that its a bad thing, but I don't have too many films that I truly enjoy not in color.

Home Run: A pro ball player has a substance abuse problem - and he begins to find his way back thanks to coaching a little league team. This looks like it should have Kirk Carmeron written all over it, but I don't see him anywhere. Just looks corny to me.

Europa Report: Astronauts search for life on Jupiter's fourth largest moon. Only thing I can see about this is that it stars Sharlto Copely - who I have liked the few times I have seen him.

Stuck in Love: A write, his ex-wife and their teenage kids learn about love over the course of the year - yeah pretty close to the imdb description - I have never heard of it.

Lifeguard: Not 100 percent sure what it is about, but it stars Kristen Bell and looks like it might be pretty good. I will check it out.

Curse of Chucky: Wow, Chucky is still kicking, eh?

Zombie Hunter: Danny Trejo - that's all I got.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 10/1/13 (and 9/24/13)


The Croods: I like when a film surprises me. Went to see this with my family not expecting much - and it was way better than I thought. Review is here.

This is the End: This summer I was able to see nearly all of my Top 10 movies I wanted to see this summer. In fact, surprisingly, I was able to see eight out of 10. This is the End is one of the two I did't get to see. So, I am definitely looking forward to seeing it.

Frozen Ground: Nicolas Cage and John Cusack star in this 50 Cent produced product. Never heard of it, in fact I had to look it up to see if it was even released in theaters - and it was. It actually didn't get horrible reviews - sort of mixed. But, not something I am going to run out to watch.

100 Bloody Acres: A couple of guys in the fertilizer business are running low on their 'secret ingredient' - which apparently is human bodies. Not going to check this one out.

Fright Night 2: Apparently a sequel - not sure if it's the Colin Farrell starring film, or the one from 1985, but I don't really care. This one is direct to DVD. I am guessing it's great - haha.


Iron Man 3: Leaving this film from the theater, I have to say I had mixed thoughts. No, the big reveal was not an issue for me - in fact I enjoyed it. But, there was just something that was not as great as the original. Though, I want to definitely look at it again - there were some great things in it that I loved. Review is here.

Unfinished Song: A man helps finish a project that his wife was working on before she died - and apparently it helps him reunite with his son. Not for me.

Kings of Summer: This one looks like it can be really good. I love a lot of the supporting cast and the music sounds great. Really want to check this one out.

Room 237: A documentary that looks at The Shining and many different people interpreting it. I have never seen the film its based on, so not really important to me to see this.

Something in the Air: From what I can tell, looks like a French film. Based in the 60s, a group of Europeans look to continue the revolution. Definitely staying away from this one.

Redemption: I remember when this was originally called Hummingbird. Why the change? Either way, I will want to watch this eventually. Jason Statham is one of the main action stars of this generation - I have a lot of his films I still need to check out.

V/H/S/ 2: How do they seriously turn these out so fast? A second one a year after the first? Either way, the first one didn't interest me - nor does this.

I Spit on Your Grave 2: At least this one was three years after the first - but read the above, it's pretty much the same.