Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HOT: You've Got Mail

So, this movie is a remake of a film called The Shop Around the Corner, which I have not seen but the title of that film is used nicely here as a store.

You've Got Mail is the final of three films (so far) that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in together, previously starring in Joe vs. the Volcano and Sleepless in Seattle. Here, I feel they were going to the Sleepless in Seattle well yet again - but with a little more comedy this time around.

Ryan stars as Kathleen Kelly, the owner of a small bookstore called The Shop Around the Corner. It was her mother's and she inherited it when her mother passed away. It has what all of the superstores tend to lack - a face and a heart.

Hanks stars as Joe Fox, who is part owner of Fox Books with his father and grandfather - which just so happens to be a book superstore. One, that slowly is taking out the other local bookstores just by being built. Kelly's store is one of the last to go under.

So, it goes without saying that Kelly hates Fox without really getting to know him.

That is where things sort of get twisted. Fox is currently seeing Patricia Eden (Parker Posey), while Kelly is in a long-term relationship with Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear). However, both Kelly and Fox have found a friend online that they enjoy chatting with.

This is where that updated version - is already sort of outdated. I am not sure how many people still use AOL out there, but I have not had it in years. Plus, not sure how many people are actually finding there soul mates in chat rooms (this could actually still be happening, but I am way out of the dating game so I am not sure). But, in the ever growing age of technology - the dial-up and iconic 'You've Got Mail' message have already gone the way of the dodo.

Anyway, their chatting at first is rather bland - just every day things and someone to rant to. Plus, they keep it anonymous - no names or jobs.

After the two of them break things off with their significant others, however, Fox asks to meet. And, he soon finds out that the person he has fallen in love with over the internet is in fact Kelly, the one woman who despises him.

With this knowledge, however, he stands her up and begins to make nice with her - he now knows who he is chatting to online, yet she is still clueless. And, he uses this to get her to fall in love with him - the real him, not the superstore guy that tanked her business.

Though it is already outdated for the most part, I actually liked this Ryan/Hanks feature the most out of all of them. I know a ton of people love Sleepless in Seattle, but I feel this one is the better of the two.

It also has a pretty solid cast with Dave Chappelle playing Kevin Jackson, Hanks' right-hand man; Dabney Coleman playing Hanks' father; Steve Zahn playing George Pappas, one of the workers in Kelly's bookstore

Again, already a pretty outdated movie in terms of technology - but a pretty fun rom-com if you ask me.


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