Monday, February 6, 2012

HOT: Punchline

This is one Tom Hanks film that I know I had never seen before. Not even a little bit. For some reason this is a film that I had never come across on a cable channel or anything.

Punchline stars Sally Field as Lilah Krytsick, a stay-at-home mother who has a taste in her mouth to become a stand up comedian.

She heads out a few nights to a comedy club where she encounters Steven Gold (Hanks), who is the top comedian at the club - but also has a few skeletons in his closet. Gold is supposed to be in medical school, at least that is what his father believes.

Gold believes he can make it big as a comedian, and leaves med school in his rear view mirror.

Only issue is, despite Gold's talent, every chance he has at making it big he chokes for some reason.

Krytsick, however, is struggling to find her niche as a comedian - and she tries to befriend Gold and learn from him. Though at first he wanted nothing to do with her he eventually becomes friends with Krytsick and helps her hone her jokes - and it works.

Krytsick is also feeling the pressure, but not in making it big, she is getting flack from her family most notably her husband, John (John Goodman). He doesn't understand why she needs to head out and leave her family. He believes her place is in the home and should be helping him entertain his clients.

I can sort of see how this isn't on television a lot for me to see, but it was a decent watch.

It was sort of nice to see the backstage happenings of comedians, and how far they need to go just to get a laugh.

Also, a few now-known actors/comedians were co-stars in the films, such as Damon Wayans and Taylor Negron.

Great film? No. But overall a decent film.


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