Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 10: Movie Couples

So, today is Valentine's Day. That got me thinking about the best movie couples. There are so many, and so many I have not seen. So, this is technically just a nice list of movie couples.

I tossed up a poll on Facebook and got some feedback, but I felt odd putting some couples on the list of films I haven't seen yet. So, this is a list of couple from films I have seen.

10) Memphis Raines & Eleanor - Gone in 60 Seconds

This was one of the suggestions I got on Facebook, and I felt it was far too funny not to include. This is the car that is the most difficult for Raines to boost, which is named Eleanor.

9) Romeo & Juliet - Romeo+Juliet

I had to put them on the list. They are the quintessential couple and are almost always brought up when thought about the top couples. I can't put them too high on the list, because they are such a boring answer.

8) Jerry & Dorothy - Jerry Maguire 

Kind of funny that a film that is about sports, somewhat, has one of the top movie couples. But, the relationship between Jerry and Dorothy is wonderful.

7) Lady & Tramp - Lady & The Tramp

A couple from opposite sides of the track, but they are dogs not humans. Lady, growing up in the well-to-do house, while Tramp is living off the streets. Together they are the cutest couple, who knew?

6) Jack & Rose - Titanic

Just like Lady and Tramp, Jack and Rose come opposite sides of money. Rose has a ton of it and Jack has none. But, Jack has something that Rose needs, a way to have fun.

5) Shrek & Fiona - Shrek

The ogre who thought he always wanted to be alone meets the beautiful princess with a secret - and they lived happily ever after.

4) Leia & Han - Star Wars

She's a princess and he's a smuggler, but when forced together there true feelings come out and an intergalactic love story is born.

3) Kat & Patrick - 10 Things I Hate About You

Kat hates dating and men in general. She is courted by Patrick, a loner who everyone has made rumors up about. He is paid to take her out so someone else can date her sister, but he ends up falling in love and so does she.

2) Buttercup & Westley - The Princess Bride

Buttercup is a rich, young girl while Westley works on her farm. He falls in love with her and she with her, but he is kidnapped by the dread pirate Roberts - and she is forced to marry Prince Humperdink, will they get back together?

1) Ellie & Carl - Up

OK, this was sort of a toss up between them and Wall-E and Eve from Wall-E. I think the final straw was just how great the first part of Up is and how much they truly loved each other.

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