Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 2/14/12

OK, not a great selection of films releasing this week. In fact, I will not be watching any of them.

The Rum Diary: Every so often Depp does one of those weird, drug induced films. I really have no interest in any of those. And, I have seen the trailers multiple times and I have no real interest in this one either.

The Dead: Had no idea what this was, but it's yet another zombie flick.

Take Shelter: This may be the lone film I have any bit of chance of seeing. I am not sure if or when I will see it, but out of this crop of films it is certainly the best - if that is a good thing.

Human Centipede II: So, if the first Human Centipede wasn't disgusting enough they decided to make an even more disgusting film. So, nope.


  1. Take Shelter has been getting phenomenal reviews and ended up on quite a few Top 10 lists of last year. I shall be checking it out.

  2. A side note, The Rum diary is actually the second work of Hunter S. Thompson, that was published in '98, though written in the early '60s. It was before his days on the campaign trails and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. The book is intense, but not at all in the drug fueled nature of Fear & Loathing. My guess is that they wanted to market this with a similar hook for those that were fans of Depp playing Hunter in Fear & Loathing . . . along with the drug induced atmosphere. The main character (a reflection of Hunter) is an alcoholic, and alcohol is heavy in the book, but drugs are not.