Friday, November 11, 2011

HOT: Nothing in Common

This is one of the few Tom Hanks films that I had never heard of.

Hanks stars as David Basner, a successful ad man that has just got a promotion at his company, in Nothing in Common. He doesn't realize is that his life is about to get flipped up side down.

His mother and father, after 36 years of marriage, have decided to split up. Now, David must care for his aging father, Max (Jackie Gleason), and, to a lesser extent, his mother (Eva Marie Saint). Max, after 35 years as a garment salesman, has also just been fired from his job.

It is gathered that David and his father do not have that great of a relationship. It is also revealed that Max at a certain point had cheated on David's mother.

The rest of the film is basically the re-introduction of a father and son. It is nothing that hasn't been done before, and that won't be done again. A father-son relationship is very delicate, so this kind of film almost always sells.

In this case, I didn't really buy most of it. I think Hanks is an excellent actor, but this may have been too early in his career to pull it off completely. I have never really seen Gleason in much before, but know of his clout, and here he was okay, but not outstanding.

I didn't really dig most of this movie, but the end was quite touching. I felt a lump in my throat, I'll admit that. But overall the movie just didn't really do it for me.


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