Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HOT: Man with One Red Shoe

This is an odd, yet fun little CIA film.

I watched this many times when I was younger, but I hadn't seen it in awhile - and it was still a pretty decent watch.

Hanks stars as Richard Drew in The Man with One Red Shoe, a violinist who gets mistaken as a CIA operative.

Cooper (Dabney Coleman) and Ross (Charles Durning) are competing for the deputy director position at the CIA. Ross currently holds the position, but has messed up a handful of times and Cooper is doing all that he can to take over.

Ross comes up with a brilliant plan to throw Cooper and his team off of his track - knowing Cooper has bugged his house he tells Brown (Edward Herrmann) about a special CIA operative coming off a plane. What Cooper isn't told is that Brown is actually supposed to find some Average Joe, not a real operative.

At the airport, Brown waits by the escalator searching for his fake operative and sees a man wearing one red shoe - Richard Drew.

The rest of the film is Cooper and his team tracking Drew, and believing that every little thing he does, whether it's playing his violin or even going to the dentist, there is something behind it.

Drew, meanwhile, has no idea he is being tailed - he is a violinist in an orchestra, along with his best friend Morris (Jim Belushi) and Morris' wife Paula (Carrie Fisher). Drew and Paula also seem to have an affair going on before Drew meets Maddy (Lori Singer). Maddy is apart of Cooper's team and is trying to get even closer to Drew to figure out what he knows.

The film is a fun, little romp filled with lots of hilarious shenanigans - mostly supplied by the various team members on both sides.

After watching Splash, Lori Singer felt like a carbon copy of Daryl Hannah. Plus, I had no idea that this was the same person that was in Footloose. They look almost nothing alike.

Anyway, a pretty decent film that still made me laugh at times. And it's funny to see what happens with Drew just because he happened to wear one red shoe.


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  1. I loved this. I thought it was such a funny concept. It's one of the few movies I've ever seen where I thought they should just keep remaking it over and over - with different actors it would have all sort of different accents on different characters. There's no one plot line that's most important, and lots of different actors could adapt to their own style. Great review.