Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HOT: The Money Pit

I know this movie. I know pretty much everything about this movie, but for some reason I think this may have been the first time I have watched it all the way through in one sitting.

Something about it turned me off a bit back when I first may have been watching it - not sure what it was.

Anyway, The Money Pit stars Tom Hanks as Walter Fielding, Jr., an attorney who is currently seeing Anna Crowley (Shelley Long), a violinist in a symphony.

While sleeping over at Crowley's house, a man enters their bedroom and Fielding finds out that Crowley is in fact living in her ex-husband's Max (Alexander Godunov) house.

Forced to move out, they begin searching for a place to stay and find this huge, gorgeous house being sold by Estelle (Maureen Stapleton). Apparently Estelle's husband is in trouble overseas and she must sell the house quickly and cheaply to go and help him.

Thinking they got a steal, Walter and Anna scramble to find the $200,000 for the mansion and move in together.

Then, everything begins to fall apart - in both the house and their relationship.

The house is a perfect metaphor for a relationship. As one thing begins falls apart another behind it comes down soon after. As the house begins to drive the couple apart, and the repairs continue to mount up, Anna tries to sell some paintings to Max that she was awarded in their divorce. She ends up getting drunk and wakes up in her old bedroom.

This appears to be the last straw as Walter believes she has strayed from him.

But, will the house be repaired? And if so, at what cost?

After finally getting through the entire film, I still don't understand why I never finished it before. The house/relationship metaphor I felt was outstanding and oh so true. It's amazing how strong a relationship can be and yet still begin to crumble when outside factors get in the way.

This was a perfect way to tell that story. And, I finally enjoyed it.



  1. This movie has one of my all-time favorite scenes in film - okay several of them. When Hanks is caught in the rug through the hole in the floor and his hands up by his face. Another one is definitely the little angle peeing in the fountain, hysterical.

  2. I love this movie. I was a teenager when I saw it for the first time. Its one of my all time favorite.
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