Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 1/10/12

This was supposed to be up last night, started it and never posted it.

Moneyball: Not my favorite sport. In fact out of the major four this one is pretty close to hockey as my least favorite. But, the moneyball craze has been very interesting and from what I have heard the movie itself is pretty amazing. So, I am down with this as soon as I can.

Killer Elite: For some reason these Jason Statham keep flying under the radar. I guess there is just nothing about these films that have any real substance, but for an action flick it may be decent. I don't know, possibly may check it out.

What's Your Number?: This looks interesting. Not sure if it will be, but I think I will give it a try. It's got Captain America and Anna Faris - who will no doubt end up hooking up in the end - but I will see how they get there anyway.



  1. Hockey is one of the big four? I would have suspected football, baseball, basketball, and soccer as the big four. But maybe it's because I'm down south.

    I saw Killer Elite last night. It's alright. It has some good action, but (like pretty much every other action movie this year), the story is only alright.

  2. IN most of America from what I know, the Big 4 are basketball, hockey, baseball, football. Soccer really isnt loved in this country.