Thursday, February 2, 2012

HOT: Dragnet

It's funny, I always thought this film was a straight-on film about the television series. Having never actually watched the series, but seen clips, I guess that could be a common mistake. Apparently this is more of an homage (or sequel) to the television series.

Sgt. Joe Friday (Dan Aykroyd) is the nephew of Joe Friday from the original show. In Dragnet he is (again going off what I have seen/heard) much like his uncle. He does everything straight by the book. So, of course, he gets partnered with Pep Streebek (Tom Hanks), a crazy off-the-cuff detective. And it takes awhile for their two different beliefs to mesh.

What brings them together is a case against P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness And Normalcy). When tracking them, they are lead to a virgin sacrifice. That virgin is Connie Swail (Alexandra Paul), who Friday becomes sweet on.

After a rescue of Swail, she helps identify the leader of the P.A.G.A.N. army. And the rest of the film is Friday and Streebek not only trying to get the help of their fellow detectives, but taking down the P.A.G.A.N.'s and their leaders.

Again, like The Money Pit, I don't think I have ever watched this film in its entirety in one sitting.

With all of the adaptations of films from television series nowadays, I guess this would have been one of the originals.

If it is an homage to the original series, I guess it worked. Because from what I have seen it is a lot like the series in that way. But, that also means I may not be a complete fan of the series.

This was good for a watch, and possibly if I catch it on television at some point and nothing is on I will watch it - but it was not that great of a film.


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