Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/17/13

World War Z: I have to admit that a year or two ago I would have never thought of seeing this movie, but after watching Zombieland and with plans to watch 28 Days Later (yes, I will get back to my 50 soon, I promise) I am actually really looking forward to checking this out.

The Bling Ring: Is Emma Watson becoming a must-watch star? Seems like every movie she has done I want to check it out - but outside of Harry Potter I have yet to watch a single one. Yes, I will eventually - just like I will eventually watch this one.

The East: An operative gets a little too deep on an assignment after infiltrating an anarchist group. Stars Ellen Page and Eric Northman. Might be a watch in the future.

Disconnect: Thrown a bit with the Jason Bateman starring in this movie, I thought it was a comedy I hadn't heard of. But, it's one of those many different story line films that sort of connect in one way or another. And, by looking it over now I am a little more intrigued.

Drift: Not really into surfing, and I can't really think of a surfing movie that has ever really interested me - outside of Point Break which I don't really think is a real surfing movie. Probably not going to look into this.

Scenic Route: Looks to be a movie pretty much featuring just two characters and their interactions after breaking down in the middle of nowhere together. Not exactly a Buried film, but close with the two characters. I am actually pretty interested in seeing this.

First Night: A rich man wants to be more cultured - so he creates an opera for himself to star in and perform in front of his friends. Yeah, not really my style.

Java Heat: A Muslim detective and an American team up to take down a terrorist who is bombing Indonesia. Did Mickey Rourke turn down Expendables 2 for this? I sure hope not.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/10/13

Star Trek Into Darkness: My favorite summer movie, but of course I was expecting it to be - probably my favorite movie of the year. I love what Abrams has done with this new universe and I am looking for many more voyages of this Enterprise - I hope it continues on this path even with Abrams now working on Star Wars. Here is my review.

Peeples: I knew Tyler Perry had to have his name on this one somewhere. It took me awhile to find it, but he of course is a producer. I enjoy Craig Robinson for the most part, but not enough to jump into this one.

Love is All You Need: Wow, this sounds completely rough. And, not something I would watch.

Wish You Were Here: Four friends go on vacation in Southeast Asia - only three comeback. Actually sounds sort of interesting. Not one I will run out to check out right away, but maybe in the future.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/3/13

Now You See Me: Loved it. Can't wait to check it out again. Here's my review.

The Iceman: Based on a true story about Richard Kuklinski, a hitman and also a family man - whose family had no idea his true profession. Stars Michael Shannon and I am pretty intrigued.

Arthur Newman: Stars Colin Firth as a man who has faked his own death to escape his life. Firth has never really drawn me in as an actor. But, his costar Emily Blunt has - not enough though to want to check out this movie.

Empire State: Liam Hemsworth and Emma Robert go to rob an armored truck - The Rock plays a cop looking to stop them. I don't even think this film made it to the theater - and if it did it wasn't there long, which is odd for the stars in this film. I actually think I will check it out.

English Teacher: A former student returns home after failing as a playwright. Nope, not interested. Not even a little bit.