Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mario or Luigi?

Alright, so I have been missing for quite a little while on here, but I hope to be back a little more frequently.

I haven't watched any new movies in a good two months besides the ones on the side of the page that need reviews - which I will try to do soon. I also hope to come up with some sort of game or fun little anecdote to have on here every so often to keep people interested - so that will come when it comes to me.

Anyway, one thing I have been doing a little bit of is playing Wii. My brother-in-law and sister come up pretty much every Friday and we usually spend that time playing Mario Kart. I was also excited that Mrs. Kano allowed me to purchase Mario Galaxy 2 a little while ago, so I have been playing a little of that as well.

That got me to thinking. During one of the levels of Mario Galaxy 2 (I am told there are a few of these levels, but I have only found the one so far) you are given the option of playing as Mario or Luigi. Throughout most of the game you play exclusively as Mario, so this is sort of a big deal.

So, my question is simply this - Are you a Mario or Luigi person?

Toss your answer and your reasoning in the comments section.