Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/17/13

World War Z: I have to admit that a year or two ago I would have never thought of seeing this movie, but after watching Zombieland and with plans to watch 28 Days Later (yes, I will get back to my 50 soon, I promise) I am actually really looking forward to checking this out.

The Bling Ring: Is Emma Watson becoming a must-watch star? Seems like every movie she has done I want to check it out - but outside of Harry Potter I have yet to watch a single one. Yes, I will eventually - just like I will eventually watch this one.

The East: An operative gets a little too deep on an assignment after infiltrating an anarchist group. Stars Ellen Page and Eric Northman. Might be a watch in the future.

Disconnect: Thrown a bit with the Jason Bateman starring in this movie, I thought it was a comedy I hadn't heard of. But, it's one of those many different story line films that sort of connect in one way or another. And, by looking it over now I am a little more intrigued.

Drift: Not really into surfing, and I can't really think of a surfing movie that has ever really interested me - outside of Point Break which I don't really think is a real surfing movie. Probably not going to look into this.

Scenic Route: Looks to be a movie pretty much featuring just two characters and their interactions after breaking down in the middle of nowhere together. Not exactly a Buried film, but close with the two characters. I am actually pretty interested in seeing this.

First Night: A rich man wants to be more cultured - so he creates an opera for himself to star in and perform in front of his friends. Yeah, not really my style.

Java Heat: A Muslim detective and an American team up to take down a terrorist who is bombing Indonesia. Did Mickey Rourke turn down Expendables 2 for this? I sure hope not.


  1. World War Z isn't bad, but if you're looking for quality zombie flicks, there are far better ones out there. Though I know you don't like horror, and WWZ is about as far away from typical horror as you can get with a zombie movie (Hell, even Shaun of the Dead is more terrifying). At best, check it out for Brad Pitt. He's pretty good in it. But if you're watching it because you're on a zombie kick, you could spend your time better.

    I totally know what you mean about Emma Watson. Of the main HP trio, she was the one I least expected to look forward to outside of HP. Yet she's really hitting a great stride. I haven't seen Bling Ring yet, but I *love* Perks of Being a Wallflower, and she's really funny in a bit part in This is the End.

    As for surfing movies... if you haven't seen Surf's Up, I recommend it. Seems like a movie you (and/or your kids) would dig. I was pleasantly surprised by it.

  2. Yeah, I think World War Z is more my type of Zombie flick. But, I have added Shaun of the Dead to my watch list.

    I might have seen Surf's Up before when Kasey was younger. But I can't remember it.