Thursday, October 27, 2011

6/50x2: Shutter Island

Hanks/Howard; Depp/Burton; DiCarprio/Scorsese.

Some actors and directors just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Leonardo DiCarprio seems to have found his in Martin Scorsese.

DiCaprio stars as Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island, a private detective who has been asked to look into a missing inmate at Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane. Daniels is introduced to his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) as the two of them prepare to look for Rachel Solando.

Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley) is the 'wardon' of the hospital, and Daniels uncovers that he and his partner, Dr. Naehring (Max Von Sydow), appear to be holding back a lot of information.

Also located on this island somewhere is arsonist Laeddis (Elias Koteas), who Daniels believes killed his wife, Dolores (Michelle Williams).

Located on the island is a mysterious lighthouse, where Daniels is given the impression that at this lighthouse lobotomies are performed on the patients at the hospital.

So many odd things happen during this film, but all are tied together in the end.

I love these type of movies - the type that keeps you invested, feeling that everything that you are seeing and everything that is said is important to the conclusion of the film.

I am not going to say anything else, just in case someone hasn't seen it, or no how it ends.

DiCaprio continues to impress me as an actor - I just wish he would let loose every so often and perhaps do a comedy. He is well-respected as an actor already - why not just have fun sometimes? He seems so serious all of the time with his charities and causes - crack a smile, buddy.

(NOTE: This was so hard to review. I can't really explain many of the details of the film - it just needs to be seen. So, this is a little shorter than usual.)



  1. If you wanna see a more light-hearted DiCaprio, check out Catch Me If You Can (if you haven't already).

  2. Nick, yeah I have. Light-hearted, maybe, but still not truly a comedy -in fact it is almost more of a biopic. Still a great film though.

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  4. Gotta say, I like the layout and the rating system. As for Leo, I agree, I think he needs to do a comedy sometime soon. Not a degrading comedy, but a very 'George Clooney in a Coen Brothers movie' comedy. Yeah, that'd be good.