Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who? What? Where? #49

And, Dylan expands his lead by correctly identifying the person to the left as Kiefer Sutherland as 'The Caller' in Phone Booth.

With that, Dylan moves ahead of his second-place opponent by a full eight points. Now that's a lead, but no lead is safe.

Good luck to everyone this week.

The concept is simple: each week I will place a photograph of a character within a film. It is up to you (the participant in the game) to tell me the following:

1) The name of the actor (or what the actor goes by in his acting profession).

2) The name of the character in the movie.

3) And, the name of the movie.

Each correct answer gets you a point - so if you get all three correct on a given week, you can get three points. I will keep a running chart each and every week. As of now, this will be played for bragging rights only - but we shall see what the future holds.

So here is week #49:

Dylan - 37 points
Jess - 29 points
Nick - 24 points
Matt - 23 points
Ryan "Hatter" McNeil - 23 points
Stevee - 3 points


  1. Elijah Wood

    back for the rest in a sec

  2. Wow, he was in...

    Back to the Future Part II, as Video Game Boy.

    That's awesome.

  3. DAMNIT! This is why I hate randomly timed games. Because, you know, unlike Dylan, I actually do my job. :P

  4. I thought that's why randomly timed was more fair? Keith said it could go up at any point between yesterday and today. I just rooooool.