Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 11/29/11

The Smurfs: I have to admit the Chipmunk films were a lot better than I originally thought they would be. It's hard seeing an '80s cartoon come to life in the CGI world, but sometimes the movie industry can surprise you. The cast looks top-notch here so I hope there is at least something decent here. At least my son will enjoy it, I am sure.

Friends with Benefits: So, this is the second film of the friends who get each other off, coming on the heels of No Strings Attached. According to sources this one seems to be the better of the two, and the other one wasn't horrendous. So, I will check it out and see.

Our Idiot Brother: I have heard mixed things about this film, but it certainly looks interesting enough to give it a try. A lot of decent actors in the film about a man who just seems to be a bit naive.

30 Minutes or Less: This looked very funny and interesting to me when it first came out, but I wasn't able to check it out in the theater. However, I have heard some pretty bad things about the film - either way I will form my own opinion when I get to check it out.

One Day: I don't know too much about this film, other than it stars Anne Hathaway and that guy that starred in 21. Looks like a romantic film, so not sure how much I will enjoy it. Mrs. Kano will probably enjoy it more.

The Art of Getting By: One of the lone Roberts I can actually stand watching, Emma, stars in this film along with former it-kid Freddie Highmore. Apparently one of those two kids on different paths in life intersect and their lives are both changed kind of films.

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