Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/28/12

Battleship: I know that this will be horrible - the trailers make it out to be a Transformers rip off without the Transformers. But, it does have Liam Neeson, so who knows? I will obviously check it out. I have to know.

The Lucky One: Not really sure about this one. Definitely not my type of me and I guess a lot of people that it was geared toward really didn't like it. And, Mrs. Kano hasn't asked me to get it yet, so as of now I will not be checking it out.

Think Like a Man: I remember during the basketball playoffs (or maybe it was the All-Star game) this movie as everywhere. The only reason I would even consider looking in on this is because Turtle from Entourage is in it. So, will be skipping this one too.

Pirates! Band of Misfits: I enjoy animated features, for the most part, but I have never really gotten excited about these claymation films. But, I think I may give this one a chance. My son is really into pirates and this looks like something he may enjoy - so yeah I will check it out.

Darling Companion: Wow, what the hell is Kevin Kline doing? I really enjoy most of what he does, but why in the heck is he in this movie? Diane Keaton I can sort of expect to do something like this as of late. A movie about a married couple - the wife likes her dog more than her husband, then the husband loses the dog. Craptastic.


  1. Pirates is worth checking out. It's full off little jokes which you'd miss if not paying attention and has plenty of fun for the kids.

    As for Battleship, you summed it up well. Tranformers without Transformers, and I wouldn't get too excited about Liam Neeson. His is one of those 'and Liam Neeson' performances.

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