Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/21/12

Bernie: There was once a time that I enjoyed Jack Black. I think the problem is, like a Jim Carrey, some of these actors sort of become caricatures of themselves and get pigeonholed into these roles. So, I have sort of stayed away from most of Black's films. Something here, though, is telling me it may be different, so I will give this one a shot.

The Dictator: When Cohen came out with Borat so many years ago I was interested in checking it out. Well, I still haven't looked at it yet, but I will. However, those that have come since, like Bruno and The Dictator, I have had zero interest in seeing. So, not checking this one out.

Chimpanzee: I am sure this is really good and most likely very good, but I don't think I could watch an entire movie about a monkey, sorry chimpanzee.

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