Friday, October 11, 2013

Tuesday's (Friday's) With Movies: 10/8/13

I am getting bad at getting these out on time. I blame it on the lack of sleep.

The Hangover Part III: The epic conclusion to the runaway hit The Hangover. I have heard some horrific things about this, but I always do my best to not let what other's think affect me when I watch films. And, since I have seen the other two - might as well wrap it up.

The Purge: Pretty strange idea - apparently society now allows a 12-hour period where you can do anything and everything you want without getting in trouble. It's sort of a release for criminals in an exchange for the rest of the time everyone can feel safe. Not sure I'd be into this one, maybe down the road.

After Earth: Curiosity definitely has gotten the better of me. I definitely want to check it out, just to see how bad it is, or to see that people's opinions were altered due to all the media. I guess we shall see in time.

Much Ado About Nothing: I would love to get into this. Joss Whedon and Agent Coulson team-up again - but for a modern-day telling of  the Shakespeare story. And, it's in black and white - not that its a bad thing, but I don't have too many films that I truly enjoy not in color.

Home Run: A pro ball player has a substance abuse problem - and he begins to find his way back thanks to coaching a little league team. This looks like it should have Kirk Carmeron written all over it, but I don't see him anywhere. Just looks corny to me.

Europa Report: Astronauts search for life on Jupiter's fourth largest moon. Only thing I can see about this is that it stars Sharlto Copely - who I have liked the few times I have seen him.

Stuck in Love: A write, his ex-wife and their teenage kids learn about love over the course of the year - yeah pretty close to the imdb description - I have never heard of it.

Lifeguard: Not 100 percent sure what it is about, but it stars Kristen Bell and looks like it might be pretty good. I will check it out.

Curse of Chucky: Wow, Chucky is still kicking, eh?

Zombie Hunter: Danny Trejo - that's all I got.

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