Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guys of TV: Kwantan vs. Boreanaz

OK, I will hopefully get this new setup figured out. Until then - if these post at 9 a.m. the previous matchup will still be open until noon.

And, with just two measly votes Neil Patrick Harris lands in the quarterfinals with a victory over Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan.

The second round continues. Hope the holiday weekend doesn't discourage you from voting. Enjoy!

(2) Ryan Kwanten

Kwanten lands in round two with a victory over Rizzoli & Isles' Lee Thompson Young. He is currently starring in HBO's True Blood as Jason Stackhouse.

(3) David Boreanaz

Boreanaz sailed past Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford to move into round two. He is playing Seeley Booth on FOX's Bones.

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