Monday, April 2, 2012

Theater Review: This Means War

I have to admit I would probably have never gone to the theater to see this movie. It absolutely screamed watch it at home on DVD. I rarely have the time to rush out to the movies, so I am rather picky at what films I actually get to go out and see.

Anyway, my parents actually wanted to see This Means War and took me with them. So, technically I didn't pay money to see it. But, it was a decent enough film anyway.

FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) are CIA agents that are tracking a man named Heinrich (Til Schweiger) and preventing him from purchasing a weapon of mass destruction. On their trip to Hong Kong, they manage to stop Heinrich, but his brother is killed during the shootout and Heinrich manages to escape.

Fearing for their safety, Collins (Angela Bassett), their boss, puts them on desk duty.

During this down time, Tuck, who is divorced and has a son, has become rather lonely. Despite being best friends with FDR, he usually finds himself on the sidelines when FDR is out picking up women. So, he decides to make an online dating profile.

Meanwhile, Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) is a work-o-holic, who recently finds out her ex-boyfriend is now engaged. Her sister, Trish (Chelsea Handler) creates an online dating profile for her as well. And who do you think she is paired up with?

Being a true friend, FDR decides to wait close by during the date in case Tuck needs to bail, but the two actually hit it off rather well. After the date, Lauren heads to the video store which just so happens to be the same place FDR is hiding out. And, he also convinces her to go on a date with him.

So, the film then is about the two best friends trying to convince a girl to be with them - and using the CIA to track the other, and also stop the other from 'getting it on' with her. That, and she of course has no idea the two even know each other.

Add in the fact that Heinrich is also trying to track the two down, and there is a lot happening. But, the movie actually pulls it off well - you don't feel too overwhelmed and drowning in so any plot lines.

I never heard of Pine until Star Trek, but I am really starting to enjoy his work. Same really goes for Hardy as well, where Inception was my first time seeing him. Witherspoon has been around for awhile, and during the film I just got this thought that she should be so much older than the two guys - but she is actually pretty close to their age. I guess it's just because she has been in the spotlight much longer. Either way, she looked pretty good in this film.

Nothing too ground breaking here, but I came away pleasantly surprised. Of course, it is pretty predictable, but again almost all romantic comedies (this one with a hint of action) are. But, I walked away feeling entertained which is all I can hope for.


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