Thursday, April 5, 2012

(7) Nute Gunray vs. (10) IG-88

Surprisingly there appears to be a large number of Jawa lovers out there. The Jawas roll past Bib Fortuna and into the second round.

Also, the Tusken Raider knocks off Watto in convincing fashion.

Only 10 voters today, and one forgot to cote for the second matchup. Please remember to vote for both.

(7) Nute Gunray

Nute Gunray was the Viceroy of the Trade Federation who invaded Naboo to end the trade dispute. He gains the help of Darth Sidious to force Queen Amidal into signing a treaty which would make their invasion legal. Despite being caught and arrested, Gunray returns as Viceroy thanks to the Sith Count Dooku. He is eventually killed, however, by Darth Vader by the order of Sidious to tie up loose ends in Revenge of the Sith.

(10) IG-88

IG-88 is one of the bounty hunters tasked by Darth Vader into tracking down Han Solo as a trap for the eventual capture of Luke Skywalker. Out of the bounty hunters presented with this task, only Boba Fett and possibly Bossk have become well known. Dengar, 4-LOM and IG-88 were lesser known hunters.

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  1. Nute (and his partner, whatshisname) were awful, awful characters. Let's go with the bounty hunter whose action figure I still own. :D