Friday, July 30, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

This was a film that I wanted to see when it first came out. The premise seemed extremely interesting to me and the trailer really excited me that the film would be intense and action packed.

Well, it was.

Law Abiding Citizen was very interesting and kept me involved the entire time. It was very interesting because you didn't know how things were going to happen or how it would end up.

It was also one of those movies that, in the viewer's eyes, there might not be a villain.

Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is shown as an inventor. The film starts out with him making some sort of electronic device next to his daughter, who is making bracelets.

The doorbell rings, and right away you are thrown into the action. Two robbers break into the house and tie up Clyde and his wife. Clyde is stabbed, but survives - however, both his wife and daughter are killed.

In an effort to get the death penalty for one of the robbers, a deal is made by Clyde's lawyer, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), with the other robber/murderer. Clyde wants nothing to do with this deal, but Nick does it anyway.

This pushes Clyde over the edge - he has lost his faith in the American judicial system, and to prove how messed up it is Clyde goes on a spree.

And this is where you sort of feel odd, because I really didn't know who to cheer for. Clyde was obviously breaking the law in a number of different ways, but you sort of feel for him and understand his actions. So, you don't feel too horrible rooting for him.

The ending seemed a little forced to me, plus the whole tunnel system was a little unbelievable - but other than that it was a pretty good action/thriller that kept me pleased throughout.


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  1. Law Abiding Citizen was a relatively decent movie. Much better than the critics made it sound to be. Nice review!