Saturday, July 17, 2010

She's Out of My League

This was pretty interesting, and I apologize ahead of time because this movie may be getting a bit of a bump in grade due to it being filmed in Pittsburgh.

She's Out of My League was a pretty good film. I have been pretty adamant that I didn't feel Jay Baruchel could carry a film on his own - and well he technically didn't, but he was the lead - but I have to say he proved me wrong with this showing.

Baruchel plays Kirk, an average guy who works at the airport, but is pretty much the brunt of everyone's jokes (friends and family). His girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), even leaves him for another guy, but still does everything with his family.

Kirk also has a handful of buddies that work at the airport with him, Stainer (T.J. Miller), Jack (Mike Vogel) and Devon (Nate Torrence). They have the typical relationships as friends, always bagging on each other, but also having each others backs.

Miller was a standout to me. I really enjoyed him in the shortlived comedy Carpoolers as Marmaduke - and he continues to shine here.

One day a beautiful girl named Molly (Alice Eve) jumps on a plane and leaves her cell phone behind. Kirk is lucky enough to find it and gets to meet Molly at a museum function to return the phone.

Molly (at least to the guys) is considered a 10 on the hotness scale, while Kirk is a midlevel 5. Molly is also used to dating pretty good looking guys - but for some reason begins falling for Kirk.

Stainer explains that it will never work because you can't jump anymore than 2-spots in the hotness factor (meaning a 10 can only go as low as an 8).

So, Kirk is not only nervous as hell to be dating this gorgeous woman, he is now in his head that there is no reason she should be dating him.

I really enjoyed this film - it was funny and sweet all at the same time.

The Pittsburgh influence was also great as I saw a ton of Pittsburgh-centric stuff from my old stomping grounds.


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