Thursday, July 1, 2010

TV Meme: Day 18 - Favorite Title Sequence

I actually believe that the title sequence has become a lost art. Nowadays shows sometimes bypass the title all-together (Lost), while others will make a great one and then shorten for no real reason (Community).

A theme song and a great title sequence can really get you excited for a show, it becomes one with the show. How many people hear "I'll Be There For You" and think of The Rembrandts? Not many, right? But, how many people hear that same song and think of Friends? I am guessing about 99% of them.

So, I almost wish that all shows would make the effort and create not only a great title sequence, but a great theme song as well. Right now I have multiple theme songs on my phone as ringtones, mainly because of my love for the show, and its theme.

There are so many out there I could name - Scrubs, Community (in its entirety), Friends, etc.

But, one of the few that I sit through during my TiVo watching is The Big Bang Theory. The title sequence is basically just a bunch of random (I say random, but it probably isn't) science-type things, but the theme song is sung by Barenaked Ladies and it is now synonymous with that show.

For your pleasure, below I have attached The Big Bang Theory title sequence. And as a bonus, Community as well.

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