Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TV Meme: Day 22 - Favorite Series Finale

This was difficult. I have a handful of shows that I have watched over the course of their run that had great and meaningful finales.

Just in the past couple of years shows like Scrubs (the main series) and Lost ended their runs with great finishes. But, this blog has been pretty heavy on the Scrubs (thanks, Mrs. Kano) and Lost I feel has been written about to death over the past few months since it ended.

For this category, I decided to go with a show and its finale that I blogged about when it happened right here and that show is ER.

A show that can run for 15 years, more than half my life at this point, must have been doing something right. So, it had to have a great finale to usher it out the door. Over the top, right? Nope, ER played it perfectly.

The show brought back a handful of the shows original members in small storylines throughout the final season - including heavy hitter George Clooney, and a touching flashback episode of Mark Edwards' Dr. Green. A handful of the other cast returned as Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter was opening up the Carter House - but that was really all of the fanfare.

Like I said in my previous installment - there wasn't a wedding, the hospital wasn't shutting down and people weren't coming together for a funeral, or any other cliche you can come up with for a season (series) finale. These peoples' lives will go on (technically speaking) without us watching.

The final scene had the camera pulling away from the hospital as an ambulance was pulling in - a great nod to say that life goes on, and we will be here saving lives even if you aren't seeing it.

I thought it was a pretty special finale - and although I didn't stay with the show through its entire 15 year run, I did manage to stay around for most of it. And I felt the finale was fitting to a pretty groundbreaking show.

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