Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

I have a difficult time watching any movies that have anything higher than a PG rating during the day anymore since my son has become very aware of what is on television - and is constantly repeating what he hears now.

So, my movie watching during the day time has been regulated to kid-friendly films.

This weekend, we tossed in the latest Rock masterpiece The Tooth Fairy.

This movie was the ultimate cheesefest. But, my son enjoyed it so apparently it did what it set out to do. For the adult, however, who has to sit through it - it was craptastic. I curse Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal for getting anywhere near this film.

So, to give a bit of a rundown. Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a minor league hockey player who has become known as the Tooth Fairy because he is now an enforcer only, who occasionally knocks the teeth out of his opponents.

Thompson was a former star in the NHL before hurting his shoulder - as he was rehabbing he fell in love with being the enforcer and it had been nearly eight years since he even took a shot.

He is dating a woman, Carly (Ashley Judd) who has a pair of children - a young daughter who gets along with Derek and a guitar loving son who wants nothing to do with him.

Thompson begins to lose his faith that people can get what they work for. And, one night almost blurts out to Carly's daughter that the tooth fairy doesn't exist. With that, Thompson is pulled to the land of the Tooth Fairies - and is forced to become one for two weeks in order to regain his faith.

As unbelievable as that is - it actually looked worse. The wings they decided to give Thompson and the other fairies looked horrendous - in fact, Tracy (Stephen Merchant), who was Thompson's sidekick, was the lucky one who didn't have wings (despite the fact that he so very wanted them).

Anyway, I have nothing else to really say about this. I almost fell asleep (which I never do) until my son jumped on me. But, it worked in the fact that my son liked it - but I doubt he will be asking to see it anytime soon like he does with movies he really enjoys.


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