Saturday, June 26, 2010

TV Meme: Day 13 - Favorite Childhood Show

This was another difficult one for me. I seem to have a bit of a memory loss when it comes to any television that happened before the '90s.

I wanted to select The Greatest American Hero for my favorite show, as I have been told at great lengths that this was the one show I never wanted to miss when I was growing up. Unfortunately, I cannot remember a single thing about the show - except one of the better theme songs for a television show.

So, I decided to select my favorite cartoon as a child - He-Man.

Of course looking back on it now it is sort of unbelievable how incredibly awful it is - but awful in a good way. I recently watched the He-Man Christmas Special over Christmas and it was amazing to reminisce to the old school days. Really brought back memories.

My favorite character on He-Man was Orko. Orko was a Trollan and one of He-Man's friends.

One of the things that sort of bothered me about the He-Man universe is that for the most part a lot of the characters are a little different, but for some reason Adam (or He-Man) had to keep his identity hidden from anyone. It was sort of a Clark Kent/Superman thing and only a few people knew about it - I just had no clue why. This also happened in the He-Man spinoff series - She-Ra, which I also enjoyed.

Of course, just like every cartoon show, He-Man was mostly on the air for the money it raked in from toys. I had a ton of He-Man toys growing up - including the great Castle Grey Skull.

My mother ended up getting rid of all of them and to this day I still curse her for it.

Anyway, that is my favorite childhood show. Not the greatest of blog posts because, again, I have really lost touch with most of what I watched when I was younger. And, I cannot remember anything about them.

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  1. Well, they will be running an all day GAH Marathon on SYFY on the 4th and we have a GAH page on fcebook with over 16000 fans!