Friday, June 18, 2010

TV Meme: Day 5 - A Show I Hate

This could be absolutely anything for me. There is so much trash on television nowadays that it is disgusting.

I can't believe how some of these shows not only get on television, but actually get a following. The Hills? Wife Swap? My Super Sweet 16? How do these shows get on the air? They are nothing but trash - and honestly, I have no idea how people can actually sit down and watch them.

That being said, I am not going to select one of those trashy shows. Despite them being somewhat popular they are not a complete juggernaut. So, for my selection of a show I absolutely hate (and this could ruffle some feathers) American Idol.

I know that a ton of people love this show - Mrs. Kano being one - but I just have never gotten into it. It also takes up what seems/feels like five hours a week, which is about five hours too long.

The show itself is actually two shows in one - the first is the train wreck that is the audition phase where the judges go from town-to-town searching for actual talented people to get considered for the show. It is truly amazing what some people will do for their 15 minutes of fame. I find this first part of the show to be pretty embarrassing - I have a hard time watching people embarrass themselves (I have a hard time watching karaoke).

The second part of the show is actually where the 'talented' people perform and slowly get booted off until the American Idol is crowned. This part of the show doesn't always crown the best singer or performer, but is really just a popularity contest as voted by America. I still can't watch this either - and the judges are pretty darn annoying.

Last year a person I know actually tried out and was selected to go to Hollywood by the judges. So, I watched the shows that I knew he was going to be on. As much as I enjoyed seeing him, the rest of the show was horrific.

Don't get me wrong, I am a music fan - in fact I actually enjoy some of the American Idol winners (Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, sometimes Kelly Clarkson). But, I like them afterwards. I am sorry, but the show itself is just like watching a train wreck to me - but then again some people enjoy that.


  1. Aw... I really enjoy American Idol. I used to just watch the auditions and then come back in around the end to see who won. But a few seasons ago, I got into it and started watching the whole thing.

    Random story... a few years ago (I have no idea how many... probably quite a few), they had a Wife Swap all-day marathon. I just stayed in bed almost all day and watched. I haven't watched it before or since, but it was entertaining in a horrible 'can't take my eyes off it' kinda way.

  2. Yeah, I knew you would not like my selection. And like I said most people love this show - for me I just cannot get into it and the nonstop Idol talk just gets to me. Not to mention it dominates the television for hours each week.

    The Wife/Swap story line just does not appeal to me at all. It sounds dirty to me, lol.