Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TV Meme: Day 10 - A Show I Thought I'd Hate But Ended Up Loving

There are actually a few shows out there (mostly ones Mrs. Kano liked) that I thought I would hate, but I sort of started to like.

The one that jumped out at me when I saw this day, however, was the American version of The Office.

As I constantly watched and saw previews for the show - especially as I watched both My Name Is Earl and Scrubs on the same night that The Office was on - what I saw just didn't thrill me, I didn't find it that funny, so I never tuned in.

It's funny, thought, because I became interested in the show because I saw a YouTube clip of Conan O'Brien's Emmy opening (embedded below) and I that actually got me interested in trying it out.

I watched almost all of the seasons online, and the first few really didn't please me, but I kept with it and I am glad that I did.

The thing is, I like almost every character in the show except Steve Carell's character, Michael Scott. Don't get me wrong I find him humorous on occasion, but for the most part his humor is pretty agonizing, like watching a train wreck.

I love the relationship between Jim (John Krasinski) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson). The background characters are also very funny, especially Creed (Creed Bratton).

It isn't my favorite show, and I guess I wouldn't characterize it as a love of mine, but it is a show I try to stay up on and one that I didn't think I would end up enjoying.

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