Friday, July 1, 2011

Girls of TV: Anwar vs. Smulders

OK, my apologies - I am currently having internet issues.

The now missing from television, Chalke, knocked off Longoria rather easily. Again, the surprises continue (at least in my opinion). Apparently the backlash of Longoria continues - but as a Scrubs fan, Go Chalke!

So it continues - enjoy!

(3) Gabrielle Anwar

I haven't seen Anwar in too much, I guess for me really only in Three Musketeers as Queen Anne. For the past few years she has been burning it up as Fiona Glenanne on USA's Burn Notice.

(6) Cobie Smulders

As for Smulders, I had never before seen her until I started watching How I Met Your Mother where she stars as Robin Scherbatsky, a Canadian import trying to make it as a news reporter. She has been a pleasant surprise on the series and fits in very well with the more established stars.


  1. Yet again, I've seen neither of these shows... but I'm going with Smulders.

  2. I don't watch either show, either. Never heard of or seen Smulders before. Used to dig Anwar, though - she was the cute tango chick in Scent of a Woman! Always dug her a bit after that. Of course, that was nearly 20 years ago (wow!)...