Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Best Boy Band?

OK, so I have been touring YouTube and iTunes for music and I came across something that really surprised me.

You all remember the huge "Boy Band" craze of the '90s correct? With bands you know like N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men. And still others like 4PM, Boyzone and 98 Degrees. Well, where are all of these bands?

The first three I mentioned may have been the most popular. N*SYNC, of course, had the most talented member in it - which was both great for them and a curse. Once, Justin Timberlake decided to go solo and make himself a movie star - the band was no more.

Backstreet Boys have since come back into the fold, but have joined forces with '80s boy band, New Kids on the Block.

Boyz II Men are apparently still out there (minus one member), but have you really heard anything from them in a decade or more?

I am sure there are other bands out there that are still together and making music, but from what I have noticed the "Boy Band" craze has come to a complete end....

Except one band.

The one band that made it through everything and are still making decent music......Hanson.

Yes, that's right, the trio of brothers with the long hair that blessed us with MmmBop - which I am sure most of you thought was their lone hit.

I guess we shouldn't be too shocked (like their music or not), Hanson not only plays instruments (a multitude of instruments), but they write their own music (for the most part).

I am sorry, but that is talent. Something that most other boy bands really didn't have. Most boy bands were thrown together due to looks and some musical talent (mostly singing and dancing) and sang songs others wrote.

But, here we are in 2011 - exactly 15 years after the release of MmmBop - and Hanson is still making music. And depending on what kind of music you like - it is actually pretty decent. I am adding a video from YouTube at the end of this. The song is pretty catchy, but the video is definitely eye catching.

So, I doubt the band Hanson really jumps out of your mouth or into your head when best "Boy Band" is mentioned. But, from what I can tell, they just might be.


  1. The Backstreet Boys have the BEST song catalog of them all. And although Justin Timberlake is the most successful solo artist, it takes far more than one very talented member to make the "best boyband". I don't consider Hanson in the same group--they are simply a band. So I'd have to hand this one to Backstreet Boys. They ARE the top selling boyband, they have the most durable and classic song catalog, and they are now going on 18 years of continuing to produce new music!!

  2. Although I agree with you that Hanson shouldn't be lumped in with the boy bands because essentially they are a band.

    However, when they first became popular in the 90s they were considered a boy band, which is what I was basing my little rant on.

    But, do you now consider BSB a band of their own - since the have joined forces with NKOTB?