Saturday, July 2, 2011

Girls of TV: Jacobs vs. Brie

In yet another close vote, Smulders was able to knock off Anwar by a single vote.

This next vote should be interesting as it places two Community actresses against each other. I guess it just comes down to which camp you are in - Britta or Annie?

Anyway, voting continues - have fun!

(4) Gillian Jacobs

Before Jacobs became Britta Perry on Community, I apparently saw her on an episode of Fringe. But, her only other major work came as Cherry Daiquiri in the film Choke.

(5) Alison Brie

Brie is quite possibly the only person on this list that is currently starring in a pair of shows. She was first Trudy Campbell on Mad Men, but now stars opposite her opponent on NBC's hit comedy Community as brainiac Annie Edison.


  1. I don't watch Community... so... Brie, I guess.

  2. Damn, Nick. You are missing out.

  3.'s like trying to choose between Ginger and Mary-Ann!

  4. Apparently! It seems half the list so far have been from Community! Or I could just be exaggerating.

  5. Haha, yeah I'd say you are. These are the first two - and they are on the same matchup.

  6. Amen to what Hatter said.

    I dig both of these ladies a lot, but I gotta go with Brie. And Nick, watch Community already!