Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girls of TV: Meester vs. Rossum

Cuoco breezed through her first round competition and lands in the second round.

Speaking of second rounds, it begins today. How Exciting!

Anyway, keep up the votes. Let's finish strong. Enjoy!

(2) Leighton Meester

Meester took out the popular Alyson Hannigan in the first round by just a single vote - upsetting the Hannigan fans everywhere. She is currently on Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf.

(3) Emmy Rossum

Rossum moved through into this round after a knock out of Mad Men's January Jones. Rossum is new to the television screen this past year as Fiona Gallagher in Showtime's Shameless.

1 comment:

  1. In another battle of gals that I don't really care about, I'll take the Meester Meester lady.