Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls of TV: Katic vs. Phillips

Well, we didn't get as many votes as I would have liked for the first No. 1 seed. I guess Sunday's are a little more difficult to get voters.

Anyway, Cuthbert - our first No. 1 seed - barely snuck by Ellie Kemper in her first round matchup. Perhaps with more voters it would have looked differently, but I guess we'll see in the rounds to come.

The rest of the No. 1 seeds revealed over the next three days. Come back and vote - Enjoy!

(1) Stana Katic

I honestly had never heart of Stanic before she was mentioned to me as someone who should be in this game. And, apparently others think she belongs as she was voted to be a top seed. She is currently starring as Kate Beckett in ABC's Castle.

(8) Busy Phillips

Phillips, though the higher seed, was able to knock off Modern Family's Sofia Vergara in her 'play-in' round matchup. Known for Freaks & Geeks and Dawson's Creek Phillips is now part of the culdesac crew on ABC's Cougar Town.

1 comment:

  1. Katic strikes me as boring but is worlds hotter than Busy, whose chin/jaw I find really distracting and unattractive. Though that bottom pic barely looks like her; I was almost fooled into voting for her based on it. ;)