Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girls of TV: Swan vs. Michele

Katic rolled through Phillips and lands nicely in the second round. Good to see a No. 1 seed do so well.

The voting continues, two more days of the first round - two more ladies revealed before everyone is out. Keep up the voting - Enjoy!

(1) Serinda Swan

Swan appears to only be acting for six years now, but she did manage a spot in both Tron: Legacy and Percy Jackson: Lightening Thief. She is now starring in possibly the second least known show on this list, A&E's Breakout Kings as Erica Reed.

(8) Lea Michele

The Gleeks (that is what your calling yourselves?) were out in full force as they helped Michele knock off the curvacious Christina Hendricks in their 'play-in' round matchup. And hopefully these pictures satisfy you.


  1. I've never heard of this Swan person and have barely heard of her show, but I'm anti-Glee, so what the hell.