Sunday, July 10, 2011

Girls of TV: Cuthbert vs. Kemper

A lot closer than I thought it would be, but Wilde jumps into the next round with a victory over Paquin.

The No. 1 seeds begin today - just four days left of the first round. So, make sure to continue voting. Enjoy!

(1) Elisha Cuthbert

Probably best known for her role as Jack Bauer's daughter, Kim, on 24. Cuthbert has also done some decent movie work with Old School and The Girl Next Door. She returned to her television roots this year on ABC's new comedy, Happy Endings as Alex.

(9) Ellie Kemper

Kemper was a surprise winner in the 'play in' round against Nikita's Maggie Q. Kemper is the new receptionist on The Office, playing Erin Hannon.

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