Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girls of TV: Strahovski vs. Zea

I thought that Hannigan may have the power to make a run at the title this year, but a late charge by Meester passed her early this morning and allowed the Gossip Girl to move on.

I did enjoy the amount of votes, however, so lets keep it going. The voting continues - Enjoy!

(2) Yvonne Strahovski

An Australian actress, Strahovski is currently kicking butt as a CIA agent on NBC's Chuck. She stars as Sarah Walker, who is sent to protect Chuck after he accidentally downloads key information into his mind.

(7) Natalie Zea

Zea needed pretty much the entire day, but she snuck through to this round by narrowly defeating Weeds' Mary Louise Parker. Zea stars on the FX series Justified.


  1. I'm calling shenanigans or something. It seems to happen every day--one person (usually the one I vote for) is winning by a ton at the end of the day. Then somehow, over night, the other person gets enough votes to win, usually by 1. It's weird.

  2. Well, I dont know who is voting exactly - so I cant tell you how that is happening. It has been pretty cool that most of the matchups have been close though.