Monday, July 25, 2011

Girls of TV: Swan vs. Lively

Today is our last quarterfinals matchup. Getting close to the end now. So who is it going to be?

Well, it won't be Cobie Smulders, she bowed out to Kaley Cuoco in yesterday's matchup. Cuoco lands herself in the semifinals. Who will she be matched up against?

Well, that is up to you. Let's see the votes. Enjoy!

(1) Serinda Swan

Swan lands in the quarterfinals with a victory over The League's Kate Aselton. Fun Swan Fact: Appeared in the music video 'So Happy' from Theory of a Deadman.

(2) Blake Lively

Lively took out Mad Love's Sarah Chalke to land in the quarterfinals. Fun Lively Fact: Also found in a music video for Andy Samberg's band The Lonely Island called 'I Just Had Sex' with Jessica Alba.


  1. Yay - looks like Blake's gonna win. Swan is indeed hot, but she's pretty anonymous to most still.

  2. you may have spoke too soon. swan is closing the gap.

  3. It's been a while since I haven't cared this much about a match-up. I voted Swan because she has a sword in a picture.

  4. LOL...Nick, you're so easy. If I go find a pic of Lively wearing a Harry Potter shirt, would you change your vote?

  5. Dylan: It's quite possible.

  6. haha... actually, you probably couldn't have turned her away from me more with that. Now had you mixed her with Emma Watson, on the other hand...