Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 7/19/11

Limitless: Bradley Cooper has been doing pretty well for himself as of late, so I am pretty intrigued by this one. It also stars Robert De Niro. Basically from what I can tell a drug is invented that opens up more parts of the brain, and Cooper's character becomes brilliant - which makes him powerful and rich. What harm could come from that? Looks decent enough to check out.

Take Me Home Tonight: Probably was in the books or at least in the works before the success of Hot Tub Time Machine, but I am sure they were hoping to ride a little of that films coattails. However, it didn't pull in the money I am sure it was hoping for. But, it definitely has me interested enough. I love movies like this - shown in the 80's. Plus, I am a pretty big fan of Topher Grace and would like him to do well. Definitely checking this out - looks funny enough.

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