Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girls of TV: Longoria vs. Chalke

Although I was not surprised by the outcome, I was surprised how easily Fischer was able to blow past Christensen.

Voting continues. Make sure to pick your favorite and tell others to stop by and vote. Enjoy!

(3) Eva Longoria

Longoria honed her acting skills on the set of a few soap operas, most notably The Young and the Restless. She now resides on Sunday's late night soap opera, Desperate Housewives as former model turned housewife, Gabrielle Solis.

(6) Sarah Chalke

Chalke was considered the Second Becky on Roseanne until she finally made a name for herself as Dr. Elliot Reid on my all-time favorite television show, Scrubs. She also happens to be the lone exception to my rule that I mentioned. This past year she played Kate Swanson on Mad Love, but the show was canceled after this bracket was made.

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