Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls of TV: Zea vs. Parker

Wow, I hope all of the matchups for this bracket tournament are as close and fun as this first one. Alyson Hannigan jumped out to a huge lead at the start and I thought she was going to run away with it. However, Connie Britton battled back and even took the lead late last night.

But, Ms. Hannigan powered back and took the victory by the slimmest of margins. So, she moves on to the next round to take on our 2nd seed. Hope this matchup is just as fun - happy voting!

(7) Natalie Zea

I have not jumped on the bandwagon yet to this show, even though I know I will love it. But, I missed season one and have not yet caught up yet. Anyway, Zea stars as Winona Hawkins in FX's hit series Justified.

(10) Mary Louise Parker

I came to the party a little late on Weeds, but I have really enjoyed Parker as pot-selling, suburban mother, Nancy Botwin. I enjoyed the first few seasons the most, but it is still a pretty great show in its later seasons.


  1. Haven't really been impressed with Zea on Justified, and Parker is awesome on Weeds - crazy, but awesome.

  2. Haven't seen either show, but I'm going with Parker.

  3. Boo...bad pics of Zea - I didn't even recognize her, and I love Justified and think she's foxy!

    Though I do love me some MLP, too. Still, had to give some love to Zea.

    And catch up on Justified already - such an awesome show!

  4. Really? I thought the bottom pic was amazing - her eyes are gorgeous.

    The top one may be a bit off, but was hoping to get a good shot of her full body.

  5. You're right - the bottom pic is good, I just didn't recognize her right off the bat, probably because of the first pic, which is pretty bad.

  6. OK, i have updated the pic and moved the head shot pic to the top. Hope that helps.

  7. I haven't really heard about Justified. But I guess its expected when living on a continent where it takes three seasons for us to have a series broadcast on a major network (not the PTV ones).

  8. @ Joel - Does it help that Justified airs on FX over in the States? What about online?

  9. Well as Dan told you on the Lambcast we are a decade behind when it comes to legal streaming and VOD in Europe.