Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls of TV: Bowen vs. Torv

As I write this, I feel Dylan has gone mad with anger. Yet another surprise vote in my opinion. As said in the comments, not sure if people are voting for the prettiest lady or their favorite show of the bunch. But, that is up to them really - and with the votes another person moves on.

Michele of Glee fame knocked off curvacious Hendricks and moves into the next round.

New matchup begins now - enjoy!

(8) Julie Bowen

Remember Julie Bowen? She was Adam Sandler's lady friend in the hit movie Happy Gilmore. Well, since then she has had a starring role in Ed and Boston Legal and smaller roles in Lost and Weeds. She is now one of the stars on Modern Family, playing Clair Dunphy.

(9) Anna Torv

Torv doesn't really have much of an acting background, and during the first season of Fringe I felt she may have been the worst part of the show. But, now three seasons in she has really become a great actress on a great show, as the lead character Olivia Dunham. And, hailing from Australia, her American accent is pretty darn good.


  1. Damn - I was on the road and missed the Hendricks vote. Her first exit is a shock of Warriors versus Mavericks porportions!

    Touch matchup today, will be interested to see who survives!

  2. It's been way too long since I've seen Happy Gilmore (I much prefer Billy Madison)... so I don't really remember/know either of these ladies. However, I went with Bowen.

  3. I think that's the first time Nick and I agreed.

    But of course, Torv won. I think my choice has won their matchup all of once or twice. Grr, people, grrr.