Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls of TV: Christensen vs. Fischer

Well, I thought I may have to use my power of authority and make a decision as up until last night Jones and Rossum were stuck in a tie.

Thankfully, that did not need to happen as Rossum got a late vote sometime between last night and now, so she slides through to the next round.

The matchups keep coming - remember to vote each and every day. Thanks to those who have.

(3) Erika Christensen

I hadn't heard of Christensen until Swimfan, which I still have never seen - but apparently she gave a pretty good performance, at least good enough for me to hear about her. She is now starring in NBC's Parenthood as Julia Braverman-Graham.

(6) Jenna Fischer

I first discovered Fischer in her most successful role, as Pam Beesly on NBC's The Office. She has since also been seen in a handful of movies, but she will be known mostly as the secretary turned office manager of Scranton's Dunder Mifflin.


  1. Again, not sure if I agree with the seeding of this one. Fischer all the way.

  2. Again, does the seeding matter? The seeds were created on the opinions of four people - not the general population.

    I hope no one is making their selections due to seeding only.....the best will come out on top seedings be damned.

  3. I like Christensen enough (You never saw Traffic? Or was that after Swimfan - I don't recall.), but Fischer's just too cute and likable to vote against.

  4. No, seeding doesn't really matter to me. It's just a principle thing (it's more of a thing where you're giving your opinion on who you think is better by putting them at a higher seed, and when I say I disagree with the seeding, it's just me saying I have a different opinion :P ).